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I’m Amara Kanu, wife, mother, author and personal trainer. As a woman, I know the changes that the body, mind and self-confidence can go through due to pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, emotions, and oh yes the constant cravings we all encounter. Never allowing the negative aspect of these changes to get the better of me, I embarked on a journey to reclaim, sustain and maintain my body, mind and confidence.

Now, my aim is to get you started on a healthier lifestyle and/or strengthen you on your journey, keep you motivated and connect you with a like-minded group of people.



Check out what AK Healthy Customers are saying:

You guys rock. Been using your home exercise routines for a while now. It’s easy to follow and I love the way I’m not forced or pushed into working out. Being a busy doctor and mother it’s quite difficult to work out. I’ve made some new friends in my workout and they push me to keep going.

Rita Dakata

Thank you for your continued support. I was not comfortable with all the weight that I had put on over the years due to eating terribly. But with your help and constant motivation, I was able to lose 15kg and I feel better than ever.

Carolina Odiegwu

I have been living with IBS for over 3 years now and it is difficult to find foods that go well with me in Oyo state. Thank you for providing delivery of gluten free food. Your flours are the best! I used them as a substitute so I can enjoy meat pie too.

Musa Gibson


Build Your Positivity

Ease yourself into working out and build Positive vibes. Learn to put yourself first then all else will follow.

30-Minute Workouts

Short but effective! Complete routines that sculpt and tone your body in just half hour allowing you to quickly get back to your usual schedule.

Fun with Friends

You don’t have to work it alone. You can watch these fun but testing workouts anywhere and don’t need any equipment.  So, it’s easy to get some friends over to join in.


Let’s do it together

With technology the world is shrinking connect with me online for a virtual PT session, it’s live support done at your convenience!

AK Reclaim
4 weeks
4 x 30 minute sessions a week
AK Sustain
8 weeks
3 x 30 minute sessions a week
AK Maintain
2 x 30 minute sessions a week

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