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Build Your Positivity

Ease yourself into working out and build Positive vibes. Learn to put yourself first then all else will follow.

30-Minute Workouts

Short but effective! Complete routines that sculpt and tone your body in just half hour allowing you to quickly get back to your usual schedule.

Fun with Friends

You don’t have to work it alone. You can watch these fun but testing workouts anywhere and don’t need any equipment.  So, it’s easy to get some friends over to join in.

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Let’s do it together

With technology the world is shrinking connect with me online for a virtual PT session, it’s live support done at your convenience!

AK Reclaim
4 weeks
4 x 30 minute sessions a week
AK Sustain
8 weeks
3 x 30 minute sessions a week
AK Maintain
2 x 30 minute sessions a week

Get in touch to learn more about our Reclaim, Sustain and Maintain programs

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