Planning Your Exercise During Travel Trips

Frequent travel can really put a few kinks in your fitness plan. I remember when I spent 15 hours on an airplane travelling. It was uncomfortable and my body found it hard to do any exercise after that. In my mind, I took it as a consolation and excuse to skip exercise for the first few days because I am still pained from all that travel when in reality I knew deep down I wasn’t going to do any form of exercise in the 3 weeks.

Not surprisingly, my fitness progress would either stall completely or backpedal during these trips, and I’d have to spend two weeks after coming home trying to get back into a rhythm.

Your normal routines get completely thrown out the window when travelling:

Jet lag can throw you off for one. Not to talk of your body and taste buds accustoming to the food in your new destination.

You may even find yourself sleeping at odd hours after your meals due to different time zone difference

If you are used to exercising in a gym, suddenly you might not have access to any equipment.

If you prefer to walk or run around your neighbourhood, you may no longer have or know a familiar path to follow.

If you usually prepare your own meals, suddenly you don’t have a kitchen or fridge.

Having said this, it’s encouraging to know improvements can still be made even in the midst of awful airplane food and countless hotel stays away from home.


Stay Active – Even if you are walking laps in the airport while listening to your favourite music on your phone during a two-hour layover or jumping rope at a bus stop – FIND A WAY TO BE ACTIVE EVERYDAY.

Plan AHEAD – If you know you are going to be on a bus or plane journey for long periods, plan to stretch during your journey. If you don’t prepare yourself you are likely bound to forget to move or stretch out your arms and legs.

The food plan is also important, pack some snacks like granola or nuts in your bag that can come in handy when hunger hits home. Note that some countries do not allow simple fruits like apple to cross over so please check before you carry food items in your hand luggage.

Track your Progress – It is incredibly difficult to maintain your planned goals if you don’t keep track. With travel excitements, you tend to get distracted and may not remember how well or not you did yesterday on your eating and exercise. If you are not one for paper notes on the go, you can use your phone to keep track of your progress. If you could only manage 3 squats today, make a note of it. Tomorrow you will double that, and hopefully get a hang of your environment and the best way to squeeze in your workouts.

Do the best you can – Sometimes you’re going to be in a town where you don’t have many food options.  Sometimes you’ll have to go out to breakfast or dinner at an unhealthy restaurant.  Other times, you might be presented with extra greasy food from long lost relations that you visited and you find yourself in a fix. Hahahahaha, these things happen. Stay polite and make the best of what you have where you are.

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