Papilo Posture Corrector (S-M)

£33.09 £22.08

Helps you stand taller and straighter to make you look better and younger!

Correct your posture for once and for all!

Fits 90-110cm chest and waist (strap is adjustable)

Sporting design helps correct harmful posture.

12 strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region.

Unisex design for man and woman.

Fully adjustable for your comfort.

Suitable for: working, walking, exercising and relaxing


A posture corrector, as the name suggests, provides support for the posture and reduces pressure on the neck, joints and muscles in the upper back during physical activities. A posture corrector functions by limiting forward shoulder movements and restricting slouching and bending of the spine. Posture correctors provide gentle yet firm support that results in a straighter, taller spine.

Individuals who are afflicted with headaches, pain in the back, shoulder and neck can greatly benefit from posture correctors.

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